Bay Area Photographer


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Bachelor's Degree in Photojournalism.

Interned with KQED Science.

Fall 2017 Photo Editor and Spring 2017 Editor in Chief of Golden Gate Xpress at San Francisco State University.

Relevant Skills:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Photo Mechanic

Lauren Hanussak. 23.

San Francisco, California

Lauren is a creative, a photographer and, most importantly, a journalist.

Her excellent communication skills, empathetic approach, and news-oriented frame of mind allow her to successfully and efficiently work with large teams, creating a desirable outcome for every project she's assigned. Additionally, she naturally finds herself taking on managerial and leadership roles in these situations, including her time as both “editor-in-chief” and “photo editor” of San Francisco State University’s publication Golden Gate Xpress.

Her most recent work with KQED has solidified the fact that she thrives in constantly-changing work environments, allowing for fresh experiences and human interactions on the daily. She is willing to go wherever she needs to be, whenever she needs to be there, to get the integral shot. 

Her passion for photography started at merely 10 years old with her first point-and-shoot camera. Over the last 12 years, it has blossomed into a multifaceted knowledge of not only the many nuances of photography, but also of video, audio, and editing. She expect my photography will only continue to blossom in her many years and experiences to come.

She finds inspiration in the detailed nuances of the life surrounding her, and inspires to one day incorporate her passion for social justice and truth-telling with her passion for creating beautiful images to initiate a positive impact on the world around her.